Friday, October 15, 2010

Star Wars, Doctors, & Sneakers..Oh My

Most of you know that I love sneakers. With both the college and NBA seasons along with holidays upon us, sneaker companies are ramping up marketing efforts. 

Below are two spots that caught my attention. Both play off history, legend, and pay homage to the past. 

The first is a great adidas Originals spot playing off The Star Wars cantina scene. I love what adidas have done with their Originals collection over the last few years. They have struck the right cord between athlete, celebrity, and music. 

This Star Wars spot it no different. Every Star Wars fan loves this scene and adidas puts a nice spin on it. And a great Daft Punk cameo, it only seems fitting. 

Thanks to Walk On Spot for posting this Converse spot. I agree with his comments, ever since Nike acquired the Converse, they have done a great job putting life back into the brand. The use of legends is great. Julius Erving and God Shammgod, one of the greatest names in all of basketball, give credibility to a brand trying to jump start their basketball line after Dwyane Wade jumped to the Jordan Brand.   

Plus the choice of  The White Stripes "Hello Operator" is a great touch. 

1 comment:

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